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Limited Gemstone Girl-BLD

Limited Gemstone Girl-BLD

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  • NO.:Gemstone Girl-BLD
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Size : Fit for DD DY寄せ胸/L胸/L bust , DD III M/L bust 寄せ胸/L胸 , DDS M/L bust 寄せ胸/L胸

              Fit  for  other 1/3 girl type dolls (57~63CM dolls)  *The size of the outfit is the same(dd or other 1/3 doll size) can fit for differen't doll*

**This is the 10 limited outfit set**

Include (10): bead-embroidered dress X1 , Chiffon-long dress X1,  corsage X1 ,underwear X1 ,Suede a long shawlX1, Crystal beaded headdress X1 ,Suede bow X1 , embroidered waist ornaments X1A pair of Original printing stockings X1,necklace X1

Design : Konlin

 **All the printing stocktings designed by Kon'D**


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