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How to get points and use points
Kon'D / 2010-12-30

Hello my dear friend.

Thanks for visiting us.

We want to introduce How to get Points and use Points.


Points in our site include the Grade Point and the Converting Point.

The Grade point is for you to upgrade your member grade. How many Grade points you have can not be show on your member center. But you can now how much points you left will upgrade into another member grade in your member center in the welcome page.

The Converting Point is for you to use for buying some items in [ Points for gift ] . That means the point can be used instead of a part of payments of some items. You can know your Converting Point in your member center in the welcome page.


* How to get points *

When you sign up to be our member, you will receive 50p (both of the Grade Point and the Converting Point in 50p) .

When you buy something ,how much of the items you has paid ,then you will receive how many Grade Point and the Converting Point .


For example :

You have buy one outfit set in $50 USD, and one wigs in $15 USD , shipping in $8 USD. Total of your order is $73 USD. Then you will receive Grade point and Converting point in 65p . ( The shipping cost will not include )


* When I can receiv the points *

When you sign up to be member , you will receive 50 p

When you make the order , finished payment and we have sent out your order, you will receiv the points of your order.


* How to use points *

You can use your point when you buy something in [ point for gift ]


100p = $5 USD


In  [ point for gift ] you can see the items will shows : Limit points for buying

That means no matter how many points you have, if you buy this items you just can use the poits no more than the Limited amount.

If the limited points for buying is 0P, that means this items can not used points to buy it.


For example  : Item A is $15 USD and limited points is 300p .

                      Item B is $10 USD ,limited points is 0p .

                      You have 400p. If you don't use the point you need to pay $25 USD.


If you want to use your point for this order ,you just can use 300p .

And then you need to pay ($0 USD + $10 USD ) = $10 USD for this items, points will use 300p ( = $15 USD).


If you don't want to use all of your points to pay for the items, you just want to use 100p.

Then the total of this item is ($10 USD + $10 USD ) = $20 USD, points use 100p ( = $5 USD)


If you have any questions about how to use the points, feel free to PM us~~~

We hope you will enjoy our new points system~


Good luck



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